We Have YouTube!

We now have a YouTube channel that features our own how-to videos created by Matthew Weber.

Use this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoojl0jnY4ksqV5K6NxXWdA

or go to YouTube and search for St Paul guitar Repair.


Slideshow time!

Ron Repairs a Top Crack

It’s a gripping story!  Watch here.

This kind of crack is very common and almost always caused by lack of humidity. The very first thing to do is humidify the guitar until the crack swells shut. This could take a week or two. Then it’s ready to repair. Small cleats of Spruce are glued on the underside of the crack in between the braces. There is a lightbulb and a mirror in the body so Ron can see what he’s doing in there. His Popeye arm barely fits inside!

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Not another slideshow!!

Watch Ron repair a gong bass drum rim from the early 1900’s.

It’s coming apart at the joint where one end overlaps the other. It would have been made using hot hide glue, so that’s what it’s being repaired with. Hide glue works best when it’s hot because that’s when it’s stickiest. So Ron must have everything ready and move quickly!

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