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65 thoughts on “Home

  1. You are listed on the Taylor site as a gold repair shop. Good to see because I don’t want to have to go to NYC for check ups. I have an 814 and a 656 which need their checkups. Is this something you al can do?

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  2. Hi Ron,
    After playing my Gretsch 6118 for a few months now, I’m super happy with the way it plays and feels. It’s fast, comfy, and full of cool tones. I’ve teamed it up with an old Squier Champ and it is the best sounding jazz setup I’ve ever had. Thanks again for making me look and sound cool!
    Best wishes,
    Jan Stroup

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  3. I have a 1976 Mossman Great Plains which I fear needs some major surgery. I’ve been reading that Mossmans this old often need a neck reset (I’m having intonation issues!) I know the Mossmans are quirky. Is this something you can handle? How long might it take if it does need the reset?


  4. Ron and Michele, thank you so much for all the detailed work on my sweet mandolin (Butter). She’s an old girl, but you have made Butter better!!! Thank you. Rachel.

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  5. I have just discovered your sight and I have been looking for a little advice. I have a Martin 000-15M and I have been contemplating putting in a pickup rather than using a sound hole pickup. She’s a delicate lady so I am not sure if it would be wise to mess with it. I am thinking either an IBeam or a K&K pure mini. Could you offer me some advice?

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    • Hi Jay, Yes I would highly recommend the K&K pure mini. We’ve installed lots of them in all kinds of guitars. They sound really nice, and easy to use. Very unobtrusive. Runs about $115 without a volume control, + 100 labor, or $160 with volume control, + 125 labor. Would take less than a week.

      Thanks for the inquiry!


    • It’s impossible to say without seeing it. It could be anywhere from $50 to 450, and take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months.
      We’d be happy to take a look and give you a much closer estimate. Bring it in any time M-F !0-5, Sat 10-4.


  6. Hello, I tend to run on when I am excited. I can write 1,000 words where most people can get it done in 100. ( and yeah, i got lots of time on my hands ’till i don’t have any time at all) So Be It!

    Ron listened to my complaining and sensed an extremely anxious Type A Jersey Joe and calmly opened the options to get my G&L S-500 Tribute (Indonesia lol) to be quite. There are so many options for pick-up replacement. And so many people and places to have guitar work done. We live in the land of Optiontunity (sic, i make up words) an my 70 yr old mind, perhaps fried somewhat from 50+ years of lounge life, can’t tell the right from the wrong. Ok, I’ll get to the point.

    You need Strat pick-ups? Do the KINMANs man, opps, or lady. No noise, crystal clear, bright shiny glass tones to make angels sing. But that’s not all……………………
    The cost was worth the prize. Hey, I am not going to attain the performance level I had in the past but in the final quarter of the game I want to have the sound I’ve longed for, and damn it Ron, your an artist not just a guitar fixer. The job came in under budget, and in a 1.5 day turn around.

    If you find you need a guitar fixing, take it from one pessimistic anxiety prone once-been, (that be me kids) you can trust St. Paul Guitar Repair, and remember this, YOU DESERVE THE BEST and for my wife money, this is the place. ST PAUL GUITAR REPAIR.

    I’m done now, gonna go play some blues and sound like $1,000,000, (if only I could play like it)

    Peace and God Bless.

    I am joe juliano an i approve of this ridiculously over the top effort to praise SPGR.

    (what key, what key?)

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  7. I brought in a Taylor gs mini (koa) that I purchased two years ago. It had never been properly set up for a beginning guitar player like myself. Michele set it up and put lightweight strings on it and I can now play most of the challenging bar chords that I have struggled with. One of the best aspects of this experience is that Michele was able to access my warranty from Taylor and only charged me for the new strings–$10. Awesome!

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  8. Just picked up a hollow body electric I had them set up for me. They did an outstanding job! Quick turnaround too. Thanks so much SPGR! We are lucky to have you guys in town, seriously.

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  9. I’ve depended on Ron and Michele for almost 40 years. Their work has never failed. Jobs from major to minor— including some of my own bullshit ideas— always 120%. Easy parking, and you don’t have to pass the SAT’s every time you walk in their door.

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    • Wow–that is quite a recommendation from Leo Kottke. I agree although my experience is limited to the last year but both Michele and Ron have been excellent to work with. I recently went in with a loose pin for my guitar strap on a Guild. Michele glued it in for me and fixed a scratch on my guitar and didn’t charge a penny.

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  10. Just purchased a CF Martin SWDGT off of eBay listed by a pawn shop. The guitar seems to be in great shape. I would like a full evaluation, cleaning. nut and saddle replacement with bone and setup with string recommendations and restringing.
    Could you give me a rough estimate on cost and timing.

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  11. Hi there. I just bought a new Gibson J-45 Deluxe. It plays great at the nut, but the action is a little high for my liking once I get passed the 6th fret. I’m sure it just needs a quick setup. I’m going to play it for a while and let it get settled, but when the time is right, what’s your typical pricing and timing for something like this? Thanks!

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  12. Came home for the summer and trued to tune up my vintage Harmony which is (was) a dream to play. B string will not stay on the nut! Appears to have a to much relief? Tried to tweak the bar just a little bit it seemed to turn free with no resistance? Went a full turn!? Any ideas? Thanks. Jim Kitterman


  13. Hello! I’m a newbie mandolin owner, and for my first instrument I bought a cheapie to learn on until I know enough about them to sink actual money into a “real” mandolin. I need to get this cheap thing worked on a bit, though, because I suspect the action is way too high, and I’m hoping for new strings that won’t kill my fingers as much. Can you do this? Will it cost more than my bargain basement mandolin cost in the first place? 😝



    • Hi JuliAnne,
      Yes, we can do that. I don’t know how much your cheapie mandolin cost, but setup usually runs $75 + strings + $5 shop fee. If it’s not worth it, we’ll let you know once we take look. We’re taking work by appointment. M-F 10-5, Sat 10-4.
      Hope this helps!


  14. I have had Michele and Ron repair my Martin GPPAC3 and install a new pick-up in my D-35 and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Both have performed flawlessly since the work was done. I split my work between Michele and Ron and Vig’s guitar. Both are exceptional at what they do, and as a St Paul born and bread person, it’s nice to have them in St Paul.

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  15. Absolutely fantastic work from this shop! Ron saved me at least $1000 by getting my strat set up perfectly. I thought that guitar was a lost cause and planned on going to buy another strat. Turns out I just wasn’t taking it a real pro. I am so happy that I gave them a try. I will be back! PS – the Les Paul definitely plays like butter too 🙂


  16. A thank you note to Ron – the refretted Flammang is a joy to play, as is the Sneed. Thanks for doing such a great job!


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