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St Paul Guitar Repair

Now OPEN and ready to serve you!

Our hours are:

 Monday through Friday 10am – 5pm

Saturday 10am – 4pm

or by appointment

Come visit us at 1101 West 7th Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102  Phone: 651.224.4168

or email us at mish.spgr@gmail.com or ron.spgr@gmail.com 

See you soon!

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18 thoughts on “Home

  1. You are listed on the Taylor site as a gold repair shop. Good to see because I don’t want to have to go to NYC for check ups. I have an 814 and a 656 which need their checkups. Is this something you al can do?

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  2. Hi Ron,
    After playing my Gretsch 6118 for a few months now, I’m super happy with the way it plays and feels. It’s fast, comfy, and full of cool tones. I’ve teamed it up with an old Squier Champ and it is the best sounding jazz setup I’ve ever had. Thanks again for making me look and sound cool!
    Best wishes,
    Jan Stroup

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  3. I have a 1976 Mossman Great Plains which I fear needs some major surgery. I’ve been reading that Mossmans this old often need a neck reset (I’m having intonation issues!) I know the Mossmans are quirky. Is this something you can handle? How long might it take if it does need the reset?


  4. Ron and Michelle, thank you so much for all the detailed work on my sweet mandolin (Butter). She’s an old girl, but you have made Butter better!!! Thank you. Rachel.

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