St Paul Guitar Repair offers the very best quality stringed instrument repairs, as well as handmade acoustic and electric guitars. Co-owners, Michele Beardsley and Ron Tracy have over 60 years of combined experience working on some of the finest instruments in the country. In addition to Ron and Michele, we have Kevin Schwab helping out with over 35 years of knowledge and experience!

We do all levels of repair work, including but not limited to set-ups, fretwork, crack repairs, neck resets, major restorations, modifications, finish work, and guitar electronics.

We offer free estimates (while you wait when possible). No appointment necessary.

We are authorized to do warranty repair work for Martin, Taylor, Guild, and Cordoba.

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  1. Ron did a a great job of assessing my bass ukulele, guiding me through repair options and then completing the repair on time and at the promised price. He warned me about possible tone changes due to the repair and his predictions were right on. He also interrupted his regular work to set-up an unplanned second instrument while I waited. Each instrument had different issues. Ron diagnosed each of them quickly and accurately. Both instruments now work great. I am happily plucking away!

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  2. Michele, You did a fantastic job setting up my 2005 Collings OM2H. The frets are good as new, the intonation is perfect and the string height is exactly where I like it (and Ron’s guitars keep getting nicer and nicer). Great to have such talent in St. Paul!

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  3. I brought in a newer Guild M-20 that I have had for about a year and a half. It played pretty well but as a relatively new guitarist, I was struggling with some bar chords and my instructor suggested that I bring the instrument in to St. Paul Guitar for proper set up. I did and Michele Beardsley worked on it. What she did is incredible. It plays like a whole new instrument. The challenging bar chords are now very easy. The guitar is much more sensitive and sounds distinct and quieter. I love it and will be bringing in a couple of Taylor guitars for the same treatment.

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  4. My 1982 Guild D-25 was completely restored after 20 years hanging in my office broken and unplayable. Now it’s my favorite instrument. Ron fixed things way beyond what I expected and it sounds amazing. Thankyou!

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    • Thanks John. Your guitar should be in your hands making music, not just memories on the wall. Here’s to making more musical memories on your guitar. Thank you for putting your trust in me to bring it back to life.


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