Things People Say

“Hi Mish – Just a quick note to again say thanks for the great work on my D-18.  I gave it a solid workout this weekend and I could not be happier.  I don’t believe it’s ever sounded better, and the action is perfect.  Very satisfied!!!!!!  Hope not to see you again soon unless it’s at some live music somewhere!  Best” ~ Steve Goertz


“This is the best Guitar Repair Shop in the upper midwest. You will not find a better Guitar repair shop anywhere. And that’s not an overstatement. Ron Tracy and the staff at St. Paul Guitar Repair have worked on my Guitars since the late 70’s, and their work is outstanding – I have never once, in all these years, had a problem with any of the repairs Ron and the staff have done on my acoustic and electric Guitars – they get it right the first time, & they know Guitar repair as well as anybody. Check out St. Paul Guitar Repair if you are looking for consistently high quality, competent Guitar repair.”


“Michele,  I just had to send you a quick note of thanks for doing such a terrific job setting up my guitar. I played it a lot over the weekend and took it a jam on Sunday. The new saddle has really made a big difference in the intonation. The lowered action feels amazing and it is now a joy to play. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks again.” ~ Carrie 


“5 stars and two thumbs up. I am the proud owner of T92 #27. It’s hands down the finest instrument I’ve ever played. I use it primarily in a recording studio environment and the guitar never goes out of tune. It records brilliantly and sits in the mix just right. I highly recommend both Ron and his guitars.”              

“Hi Ron, thank you so much for completing the repairs on my 1928 Gibson mandolin AKA ‘Butter’. It sounds amazing and it looks even better. The repair on the seam crack is exceptional. It sounds great and is easier to play. Just can’t thank you enough for the care you gave my special mandolin.” ~ Rachel


“Hey Michele, Kris Anderson here. You recently replaced the pickup system in my Taylor.  Just wanted to thank you again for everything.  It works perfectly and sounds fantastic!  Have a great new year! ~Best, Kris”


“Most people don’t think of me as a string slinger, but it’s been known to happen from time to time. For years now, Ron Tracy has been THE ONLY GUY I will take my stringed instruments to — he’s worked on my mandolin and two basses and, simply put, he is a superlative craftsman and artisan. He’s an outstanding musician I am lucky to play with from time to time. I could go on and on, but — frankly — his long-standing reputation for quality and giving great advice speaks much louder than any words I can share. You know where to find him – make it happen!”       


“Today I visited St. Paul Guitar Repair where Michele and her business partner Ron were hard at work. The new shop is exquisitely designed and decorated. It’s simply beautiful. I enjoyed a tour by Michele, meeting Ron and his brother, John who was working up some technology for them, and listening to Ron and a customer discussing the merits of a certain width of neck and size of screw on a guitar Ron had made. Michele apologized repeatedly for the “mess;” I found it to be the soulful mess of two people industriously, thoughtfully, creatively making a home for the profession they love. The wall of old album covers which you’ve seen on Facebook is a work of art and there are other works in progress which will be at once art and function. The building is old with 20 foot high embossed metal ceilings and large windows that fill the two open rooms with natural light. The guitar shop replaced a shop that made steps for climbing walls which replaced a shop that produced….. oh oh… I’ve forgotten what it produced. It’s full of furniture and equipment that was found at reclamation sites and donated by friends, all of which makes for nicely resonating vibrations. Make a trip there even if you don’t own a guitar. Thanks for Michele and Ron who let me in even though St. Paul Guitar Repair is still a work in progress (which it will probably always be with two such creative and energetic craftspeople in charge). I look forward to visiting during its successive stages.”

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34 thoughts on “Things People Say

  1. Learning of the opening of St. Paul Guitar Repair was welcoming news indeed. Finally a top-notch musical instrument repair shop in the East Metro, occupied by professionals with a reputation of knowledge, skill and integrity…. just for starters.

    Here you will find Ron Tracy, the always knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating and consummate professional string instrument whisperer (he has a great sense of humor too). Ron has serviced the instruments of some of the biggest names in the business. One Leo Kottke immediately comes to mind. Anyone would find the list impressive…with good reason.

    And then there is Michele Beardsley, quite capable in her own right of building and repairing instruments and (a mischievous sense of humor as well). Be on your toes when interfacing with her. And check out those lap steel guitars while there.

    All in all, this is where you want your stringed instruments looked after and cared for. Personally, Ron has been my go to technician/guru for decades and has been enormously helpful and generous with his talent and his time.

    So if you are not already familiar with this team, I highly encourage you to give them a look. You’ll be happy you did.

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  2. I am so glad for these two! I love them. They have been doing work on my stuff for more than 20 years. Setups. Rewiring. Bridge replacement. Vintage guitar restoration. And it is ALWAYS done to perfection! Always! I have never had an issue ~ not one time! And they are such beautiful people. Kind and caring. Professional. Skilled craftsmen! The best as far as I’m concerned. I will never go elsewhere. I know that when I pick my instrument up, it will be 100% on point and ready to be strummed. Ron and Michele ~ the best!

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  3. I dropped off my guitar on the first day they were open for business. The work was done well, in a timely fashion, and now my favourite acoustic guitar is happy again! Thanks for an excellent repair. It looks and sounds whole again.

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  4. I had worked with Ron decades ago and was excited to meet up with him again after taking a 30 year break from guitars, performing etc. So I went back where he used to reside to find he had just recently left. I thought to myself that makes sense, after all it has been nearly a lifetime since those days. Then an old bandmate told me that some quality people had very recently started a repair shop in Saint Paul. Could it be the same Ron? And in convenient St. Paul? I quickly stopped by and yup-Ron! Witty, good natured, highly talented Ron. I was told 2 weeks for the repairs and it was completed in a week and a day. The guitar has never looked or sounded as good. Congratulations on your move and so great to meet up again. Thanks!

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  5. I stopped into St Paul Guitar Repair and talked to Michele about a recently purchased used Martin guitar that I was struggling to play because the action was too high for me. She gave me a ballpark estimate on the cost and time associated with the adjustment so I returned the next day with the guitar and answered a few questions Michele had about my playing style. Not only was the adjustment done earlier than anticipated, Michele shaped and used the spare saddle that accompanied the guitar saving me money on the purchase of a new one. Now my dreadnaught plays as easily as the orchestra model I’ve been learning on. Great price, wonderful service, and a real asset to our Saint Paul community. I’ll definitely be returning. Thanks again, Michele!

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  6. Thanks to Ron Tracy and everyone at St. Paul Guitar Repair for working so professionally on my son’s guitar. I bought a new guitar and asked Ron to make some unique modifications to suit my son’s style. He had the work done in less than two days and it’s great!!! I’ve since brought another guitar in for work. Honest, professional, friendly and personal: what else can I say about this place?

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  7. Great service, reasonably priced. I’ve had work done on my ES175 and my Telecaster. Both jobs done perfectly and ahead of schedule. Best repair shop in town. Nice people, too.

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  8. I brought in a basket case Tele Esquire Project after feeling like I was in over my head. Michelle turned my project around in record time, and this axe plays unbelievably great, stays in tune, and sounds wonderful. I cannot believe how well this project turned out.
    Do not hesitate to come here! You will not be disappointed in the least.
    I’m not going anywhere else for any guitar maintenance. These people are the real deal folks.

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  9. Ron, Michelle, and staff recently completed a new- fret job on a Rainsong for me. The work and craftsmanship was A++++. Thanks so much for your skill and excellence. I cannot recommend St. Paul Guitar Repair highly enough. Really nice people to work with also.

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  10. Just a note here to say “thanks” again to Kevin, who fixed a top crack on my Martin 12 string and also made a wider compensated saddle for it…I can’t put the guitar down now, whenever it is that I’m in a 12 string mood! Great work, Kevin! But I already knew you were good at what you do!

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  11. Fantastic service! The staff was friendly and professional, was very open about costs, and helped me avoid paying for a repair that would cost more than my guitar was worth.

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  12. Just a quick note to thank Ron for all his help. Over the last couple of months he has worked on both my old Strat and Les Paul and both feel and sound great. Prices were reasonable, service was first rate they did quality work. I would highly recommend St. Paul Guitar Repair!

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  13. Michelle: You repaired the the bridge on my 25 year old Yairi. You did a GREAT JOB. The guitar seems to resonate forever. I am soooo pleased!!!!! John K


  14. Hi Michele and Ron,

    I left a review for you on yelp and will post it here too…

    I brought my two 2019 Taylor K14ce Builder’s Edition guitars to Michele for a set up, and she did a wonderful job. Earlier, Ron did a quick adjustment to the truss rod for one of the guitars as warranty work. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it.

    Though I have been playing guitar for some time, it was not too long ago that I learned that guitar manufacturers find some middle ground between strummers and fingerpickers for the stock set up and it is up to the individual to get a set up according to his or her specific needs.

    Having owned a few Taylors in the past, I never knew how easily they could play with a decent set up, and both Michele and Ron are the perfect people to do it. I highly recommend them and their shop. Also, I am very pleased to know who to go to in the future for any work to be done on these instruments.


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  15. I dropped off my Gibson’s (’67 SG Standard and a ’65 LG-1) recently for some tweaking on the SG and major repair (bridge) on the LG. Ron took care of both expeditiously and the results really exceeded my expectations. I had no idea either of these guitars could be played as easily nor resonate with such quality as they now do…all thanks to Ron’s masterful work. I don’t often leave comments but I was so happy with these results that they deserve to be shared. I am a “hobby” player but felt absolutely comfortable speaking to Ron about my guitars and the various things that could be done to improve their sound and play-ability; no pretense present. Thanks Ron, and St. Paul Guitar Repair, for making these guitars so much more enjoyable to play!

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  16. I worked with Michele on having my Taylor 150C 12 string re-shimmed as the neck had ‘leaned’ forward. OMG – it’s a different guitar – better than when I first got it – absolutely sweet all the way down the neck – how did you do that Michele?? If you’ve got a Taylor that needs work and you are in the Mid-West this is the place to go to!

    Michele also worked on my Gibson SG Special – it kept going out of tune slightly and drove my band mates (and me) crazy – pre Covid of course! – Inexperienced me (I’ve only been playing for 46 years) questioned the tuners, but Magnificent Michele said ‘No’ and adjusted the neck and guess what? No tuning drift issues so far – fantastic!

    Thanks you guys! Richard ‘The Brit’

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  17. While playing my Larrivee DV-05 in pre-dawn shadows I bumped a cabinet and put a crack in side body. Ron did a great repair to put it back to health and also corrected a short in the onboard Fishman preamp that stopped draining of the battery. Nice work, fair price, plays like a dream. Ya, I still play in the dark, but am a bit more careful. Only way to greet the new day! Thanks Ron.

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  18. Ron fixed a long crack in the top of my Tacoma acoustic bass. It was bad enough that the top was peeling off the side. After his repair with 3 cleats, you can’t even feel where the crack was with your fingertips. The bass has its rich resonant tone again. He also set up my new Taylor GT acoustic guitar with very low action. It plays like an electric guitar and is a joy to play. This is my go-to place for acoustic guitar repairs and setups.


  19. Thank you so much for attending to my long neglected guitars.
    They all play so much better after your TLC.
    Couldn’t be more pleased.

    Lee Cohen


  20. Ron – the fret job on my ’64 Musicmaster is brilliant – it’s a blast to play with the flatwounds, just effortless. Great job!


  21. Michele has been my “go to” for repairs and set-ups for years, and has done only excellent work every time. I send all my music partners to her, and can’t recommend her highly enough; this is the place to go for pro work on pro instruments!


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